Green Bay Windows

picture windowReplacing your windows will improve the energy efficiency and aesthetics of your home. This is why it is important to choose the best product and installation team in Green Bay. With a variety of styles available through Feldco, our experts can help determine which windows would look best in any room of your house.

What Makes Feldco The Best Window Replacement Company in Green Bay?

Since starting operations in 1976, Feldco has been recognized locally and nationally as one of the premier window replacement organizations. With over 350,000 delighted customers in the Midwest, Feldco’s windows are at the forefront of technology and will define your home.

  • Windows made for the Midwest
  • Dynamic energy efficiency
  • Multitude of styles for homeowners to choose
  • Customer delight is our number one goal
  • Financing options

Types of Replacement Windows Available for Green Bay Homes

Feldco offers a wide variety of window styles for you to choose. Each window has a distinct function and style. Feldco’s Product Specialists will help you decide which window would look and perform best in each room. In addition to style, Feldco windows come in a variety of colors and finishes to further transform your room into the perfect one for you.

Double Hung Windows

double hung windowWith two sashes that offer the best ventilation options, double hung windows are the most popular style. Each sash has the ability to tilt-in making them easier to clean. Double hung windows are a great option for anywhere in your home and will enhance the entire room.

Casement Windows

casement windowCasement windows are one large sash that operates on a crank. This gives the window a great view and you have the ability to control the level of ventilation in the room. Much like the double hung windows, casement windows look great in any area of your home.

Sliding Windows

sliding windowSliding windows are a great option for controlling air ventilation in rooms with windows that are harder to reach. One such situation would be above a kitchen sink. Sliding windows open right to left or left to right on a sliding system that prevents sticking and racking. Their contemporary style makes them a unique fixture for any room in your home.

Bay and Bow Windows

bay windowBay and bow windows are a combination of picture, double hung and/or casement windows that extrude from the facade of your home. By having a collection of different windows, you will benefit from the advantages that each style offers. Bay and bow windows add elegance inside by creating a center piece for the room and outside by adding depth to the exterior which will improve your curb appeal.

Picture Windows

picture windowPicture windows vary in size depending on how much space you have available and are often used in conjunction with other styles of windows. They give you unobstructed, beautiful sight lines but they are inoperable. This means that they do not open or close, negating the ability to control air circulation. They are a great option for rooms with other operable windows.

Awning Windows

several awning windowsAwning windows give you the ability to open your window no matter what the weather is outside. They open outwards similar to an awning so you can still enjoy the ability to control air ventilation but won’t have to deal with precipitation or winds. They also look fantastic when combined with other styles.

Basement Windows

hopper windowBasements don’t have to be void of light and air ventilation. Feldco offers beautiful basement windows. Any window style looks great in a basement but hopper windows are the most popular option. These windows open inward from the top with an easy to use operating handle. With a basement being on the bottom floor, privacy could be an issue but don’t worry. You can add obscured glass to inhibit anyone from seeing into you home.

Garden Windows

garden windowBring your garden inside with a beautiful garden window. These windows extrude from the exterior of your home giving you extra space and light for your plants. You can add a shelf within the encasement to increase your garden display.

Architectural (Shaped) Windows

architectural windowsAdd some personal flare to your home with architectural windows. They come in a variety of shapes, glass patterns and sizes so the possibilities are endless for how you will use them. They look fantastic paired with other window styles.

Professional Installation of Your Windows

Your window installation teams are the best in the industry. Their goal is to delight each customer by ensuring their old windows are removed with care and their new windows are installed properly. They will respect your home by cleaning up any messes made during the installation process. They are all factory trained and background-checked to make sure you are receiving nothing but the safest and best craftsmanship with your window installation.

Best Value for Green Bay Replacement Windows

Feldco has been completing window installation projects in the Midwest for over 40 years so you can be confident in your decision when choosing us. Our competitive prices, top notch installation team and windows built to withstand Green Bay’s weather conditions will make the entire window replacement process easy. You’ll enjoy your beautiful new Feldco windows for years to come!

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