Why You Should Have Insulated Vinyl Windows

When it comes to window replacement for your home there are really three primary choices when it comes to types of windows. You can choose from wooden windows, aluminum windows, or vinyl insulated windows. Wooden windows and aluminum windows do have some benefits, but overall the best choice for most homeowners is vinyl windows.

If you are thinking about replacing the windows in your home you will get the best value from insulated vinyl windows. The cost of having insulated vinyl windows installed is an investment in your home that will get back in both the value of your home and the increased energy efficiency of your home. Better energy efficiency will save you money on both your heating and cooling bills.

If you’re on the fence about what type of windows you should have installed when you replace your home’s windows because you like the look of wooden windows and you want windows that are affordable like aluminum windows stop and think about these reasons why insulated vinyl windows are the best choice:

insulated vinyl windows

More Durable Than Wood

Wood windows may have an aesthetic appeal but they are not as durable as insulated vinyl windows. Wood windows need to be resealed and painted on a regular basis. And if the wood gets wet it an warp, chip, and crack.

Replacing windows is a time intensive and expensive process so when you do replace the windows in your home you should replace them with windows that will last for at least 20 years. Vinyl insulated windows will last the longest and they don’t require constant maintenance and upkeep the way that wooden windows do.

If you really love the look of wooden windows but want the benefits of vinyl windows you can choose vinyl windows that have a wood grain look finish. That way you can get the look you love with the added benefits of vinyl.

Energy Efficient

Vinyl insulated windows are much more energy efficient than wood or aluminum windows. Insulated vinyl windows will give you the kind of energy efficiency you need to prevent drafts and dramatically lower your energy bills.

The extra insulation will keep your windows fitting snugly into the frames and seal off any small cracks or opening that would let air through.  Replacing your windows with more energy efficient windows might also qualify you for additional tax breaks and incentives. Be sure to ask your professional window installer about any possible rebates, credits, or other financial incentives.

Perfect For Extreme Climates

If you have noticed that the summers are getting hotter and the winters are getting colder you’ve probably realized that those extreme temperatures can take quite a toll on your home. The more extreme the temperatures are the more pressure is put on the windows in your home.

Extreme cold temperatures can cause wood to crack and warp. If any water gets into wooden window frames or sills and freezes it will expand and cause the wood to rot and crack. And extreme heat in the summer can also do significant damage to both aluminum and wooden windows.

But vinyl windows are unaffected by extreme temperature changes and will keep working efficiently and protecting your home no matter what the temperature is or what the weather is doing outside.

Retain Their Value

Another reason why you should invest in vinyl insulated windows is that insulated vinyl windows will retain their value over time. When you replace the windows in your home you want to be sure that replacing those windows will add value to your home and that the windows will hold their value over time.

Because wooden windows break down over time they are not a great choice for homeowners that want to increase the value of their home. But sturdy and durable vinyl insulated windows will retain their value and keep working the way they are supposed to for decades. So if you are looking at replacing your windows as a way to add more value to your home installing vinyl insulated windows is a smart choice.

Last For A Long Time

Vinyl insulated windows are the best choice when you want the windows that are installed in your home to last for decades. Vinyl insulated windows are practically maintenance free and they will last for twenty years or more with normal use.

If you are planning on selling your home in the near future having newly replaced windows is something that buyers will love because the last thing buyers want to do is buy a home where they are going to have to replace the windows right away.

If you can show that you have installed new vinyl windows in the home that will greatly increase the number of buyers that are interested in the home. If you have an older home replacing the windows with vinyl windows is one of the best improvements that you can make.

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Vinyl insulated windows are an affordable choice and that is important when you are replacing all of the windows in your home. If you have a home that has a lot of windows and has multiple stories the cost of replacing windows can add up quickly.

Homeowners want a mix of affordability and durability and vinyl insulated windows are the best choice because they are affordable on almost any budget and will help lower your monthly heating and cooling costs too.

Aluminum windows may have a cheaper upfront cost, but when you factor in the cost of maintenance and the energy savings that come with vinyl windows it’s worth it to pay a little higher upfront cost for vinyl windows.

When it comes to home improvement and maintenance the value of the improvement overall matters as much as the price does. And when you choose vinyl windows that are energy efficient there are often deals and incentives that can make the price of the windows and installation lower.

Environmentally Friendly

When it is finally time to replace vinyl insulated windows the windows can be recycled so that they have a lower environmental impact than wooden or aluminum windows which aren’t recyclable. And keeping your home energy efficient is also better for the environment because your home will use fewer resources to stay at a comfortable temperature all year long.

If you’re worried about the environmental impact that your home improvement choices make and you want to lower your home’s energy usage footprint installing vinyl windows is the choice.

When it’s time to replace the windows in your home you should look at all of the different factors that make up the value of windows. The price of the windows and installation is only part of the overall value of replacement windows.

Spending a little more money on vinyl insulated windows will get you the biggest return on your financial investment because you will increase the value of your home, protect your home, and lower your heating and cooling costs for the time that you live in the home. When you look at all of those things combined it’s easy to why vinyl insulated windows are the best choice to use in your home.

Wood vs Vinyl Windows

When it comes to value and longevity, there’s no competition because vinyl windows are better than wood windows. Vinyl is more energy efficient, durable, environmentally friendly, and they retain their value because they withstand extreme temperatures.

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